Price List

Funeral Costs

As every funeral is personal and unique to every individual, the costs of each funeral vary.

Attached below is a guide to the types of services that we offer.

The ‘Traditional Funeral’ is the most used and popular funeral option allowing you flexibility and being in control with all the funeral arrangements. This option allows for a burial or cremation with the option of a church service prior to a cremation if required.

The ‘Simple Funeral’ is a more cost-effective option with just the basic necessities included.

The ‘Direct Cremation‘  is  Cremation without Ceremony, known as a direct cremation; this is for those who would prefer a no fuss funeral. It is different to both a traditional and simple funeral as there is no funeral service at the Crematorium.

Please note the charges are for our professional services only including our standard coffin but excluding disbursements (third party costs).

Fees and Disbursements

Disbursements are the essential fees which we pay out on behalf of the family. For example these include:

  • Church, Cemetery or Crematorium Fees
  • Doctors’ Fees
  • Obituary Notices etc.
  • Floral Tributes

These fees will be itemised on our funeral account.

For the purposes of providing written estimates, we approximate the cost of any disbursements. However, since we have no control over these specific charges, they may be subject to slight variations.

Traditional Funeral Option

Simple Funeral Option

Direct Cremation Option

Additional Services