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Golden Charter Independent Way Plans

For many people, planning their funeral has become an everyday way of looking at the future,
just like making a Will

Nearly a million people in Great Britain have taken out a funeral plan.
Usually, they have known the grief of bereavement and don’t want their families to go through
the stress of making arrangements. Many have established a relationship of trust with their local family
funeral director. We believe that the Independent Way funeral plan, which is available only through
independent funeral directors such as ourselves, offers you significant advantages over other plans.
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Abbey Memorials (Stonecraft Ltd)

Through Abbey Memorials, we offer memorials in granite, marble and stone, also additional inscriptions
and renovations. All stones come with a full 10 year guarantee against ground subsidence.
The highest quality service at most competitive prices, with our masons erecting memorials throughout East Anglia.

National Association of Memorial Masons and a member of
The British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons.

For more information or to request or brochure please contact:
Brenda Duggan Tel: 01328 838838

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