Registering & Covid 19

In these unprecedented times, which are causing so much upheaval & uncertainty,  the way funerals were traditionally carried out has changed.

This is a new & regrettable situation we all find ourselves in, but please be assured that we are still here and will, where possible, try to look after every individual’s needs with the care and compassion we have always prided ourselves on.

Many of the usual practices regarding legal paperwork have been changed suddenly and dramatically to help alleviate the current situation the NHS & Government bodies find themselves in.

This section has been produced to give you some of the basic information you may need to know.

On entry to our premises, we offer hand sanitiser and gloves for everyone and strongly advise they are used.  We must ask that all visitors continue to wear face masks.

We thank you for your co-operation and understanding at this difficult time.



When a death occurs, the Doctor who was in charge of the person who has died, whether it be a Hospital Doctor or G.P. will issue  a  Certificate of Cause of Death.

As of 2nd April 2020, this certificate will no longer be issued in paper form but will be electronically transferred (emailed) by the Doctor direct to Norfolk County Council.

All registrations as of 2nd April 2020 will be carried out by

appointment via the telephone.

To register a death that occurs in Norfolk please

contact Norfolk County Central Office on:

0344 800 8020

Please note there is no longer the facility to book an appointment online.

Please see following instructions:

Call the above number: press 3 to register a death.

After a brief ringtone: press 1 to book an appointment to register.

The system is still currently asking if you are able to book online

please ignore this.

Press 2 where your call will be answered and a

telephone appointment will be booked.

Please allow yourself at least 30 minutes as all the information has to be logged on to a computer & then checked.  When you have registered, you will be sent via the post:

A certificate of Registration of Death

(also known as Form BD8 or a Form 344)

This form is for social security purposes. Please refer to the notes shown on the back of this form.

Standard Death Certificate

A Death Certificate is a Certified Copy of the Entry in the Death Register.  These will be required for banks, building societies, solicitors, insurance companies and other financial institutions.

The fee for certificates requested on the day of the registration is £11 each – this can be paid for via debit or credit card over the phone. Please note that registrars do not issue a free death certificate as standard.

The certificate for Burial or Cremation

(also known as the Green Form)

will be sent electronically to the designated Crematorium or Burial Authority (if known) or Funeral Director.

If in any doubt, please request this form is emailed to our office and we will forward it on where necessary.

Often if you produce and original copy of the Death Certificate to a bank etc., they will photocopy the Certificate and return the original.  They will not however usually accept a photocopy of the original Death Certificate without having seen the original Certificate first.


The registration officer will need the following information:

• The date and place of death

•  The full name of the person who has died,   and any previous or maiden names where appropriate.

•  The date and place of birth of the person who has died.

•  The occupation and usual address of the person who  has died.

•  If the person who has died was married or in a civil partnership, the full names, date of birth and occupation of their spouse or civil partner.

•  Your name and address.

•  If the deceased was receiving any pension or allowance  from public funds, other than a state pension from public funds, please tell the registration officer.

Who to tell

When someone dies you will need to contact a wide variety of organisations to inform them of the death.

Registrars offer a service to help you with a number of central and local government department notifications, such as the Passport office, the DVLA and Department for Work and Pensions; called Tell Us Once. Tell Us Once is offered at every death registration.  The details of the registration are entered on the Tell Us Once system by the registrar and you will be given a reference number.  You can then complete the notification either online or by telephone directly with Tell Us Once after the appointment.  Full contact details will be given to you by the registrar.

If the person arranging a funeral is claiming Benefits or Tax Credits, you may be eligible for help paying the funeral costs.

To download the form SF200 go to and type SF200 into the search column or contact Job Centre Plus on 0800 055 6688 and request a form SF200.



Churches are now open for funerals.

Every church will decide how many people their building can safely hold whilst observing social distancing.  Whilst music and hymns can be played, the guidelines state that hymns should not be sung by the congregation.   Face masks should be worn when inside a church and contact details of those attending should be collected for ‘Track & Trace’ purposes, which after 28 days will be securely disposed of.

Churches & Cemeteries are also offering Graveside Services.  Please ask for more details.

Every parishioner who lives in a village or town has the right to be buried in their local parish churchyard if in current use, regardless of religious denomination and faith.   Burials occurring in other Parish Churchyards are at the discretion and special permission of local incumbents/Church Councils.   There are however no such exclusions when it comes to Council & Public Cemeteries;  anyone who wishes to be buried in any public Cemetery, can do so ~ although, there may be an extra charge if you do not live in the same parish as the Cemetery.


Whilst government restrictions regarding numbers attending have been relaxed, each venue has set their own limits as to how many people they can accommodate whilst observing social distancing.  These numbers vary from each venue, please ask for more details.

Music and hymns can be played, the guidelines state that hymns should not be sung by the congregation.   Face masks should be worn when inside the Crematorium building and contact details of those attending should be collected for ‘Track & Trace’ purposes, which after 28 days will be securely disposed of.

Local Crematoria in Norfolk

Mintlyn  Crematorium, Lynn Road, Bawsey, King’s  Lynn, PE32 1HB


Cromer Crematorium, Holt Road, Cromer, NR27 9JJ


Breckland Crematorium,  Norwich Road, Scoulton, NR9 4NL


St Faiths Crematorium, Horsham St. Faith, Norwich, NR10 3LF 


Norwich & Earlham Crematorium, Norwich, NR2 3RG


Colney Wood also offer a Service in their Woodland Chapel followed by an unattended direct cremation.